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Santa's Come Early - R610 open for Christmas

Yes it's true, after 17 long months of disruption the R610 road and the car park directly across from the Bosun are both fully open!

We are not sure if we can give the credit to the big guy in the red suit, we'll have to dispute the coming early part too but one thing is for sure, this is great news for fans of the Bosun as well as the wider Monkstown community!

It has been 17 long months of disruption since the R610 was initially closed to facilitate extensive Irish water project to clean up Cork Harbour. The closure meant there was no through traffic between Passage West and Monkstown, home of the Bosun. We are delighted to say this is now at an end! There is also ample parking for our customers again as the local car park directly across from us is also fully open again too.

Sure the timing couldn't be better and the Christmas festivities get underway! Of course must say a big thanks from all at the Bosun to all our customers for baring with us during this inconvenience and we look forward to welcoming back those who were shut off from their favourite establishment during the road closure too.

For those of you who had difficulty getting to us during during the disruption - road to the Bosun may have changed but rest assured you'll still find the same delicious food and fantastic service in our fine establishment. To borrow a tagline from else where - consistency in a world gone mad!