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New whiskey at the Bosun

At the Bosun we take our whiskey very seriously. In fact we boast one of the finest selection of Irish whiskey you'll find in the region.

We also offer a selection of Whiskeys designed to meet the needs of all whiskey drinkers; whether you see yourself as a whiskey connoisseur or you are just testing the waters, dipping your toe in the "uisce beatha" so to speak!

For non Irish speakers "uisce beatha" means whiskey although the direct translation is the water of life ☺

Uisce => water, beatha => life!

We do all the traditional favorites Paddy, Powers, Jameson, Bushmills and of course the Midleton range if you are looking for something more exclusive. We are always on the look out for new whiskeys and with the growing popularity of Jameson recently we have added 3 additional whiskeys from the Jameson range to our offering.

I am adding a link to each one on the Jameson website so that you can read about the taste ...

... but sure wouldn't it be much to drop in to the Bosun and try it out for yourself than take the word of the Jameson distillers ☺