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Craft Beer at the Bosun

The popularity of Craft beer has been on an upward trajectory for the past number of years and here at the Bosun we are delighted to offer 2 of Cork's traditional favorites from famous Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork City.

Rebel Red - 4.3%

According to it's creators, Rebel Red has been crafted to impart an exceptional Irish taste, creating a more accessible red ale that’s distinctively different. It offers the drinker a pronounced caramel and biscuit finish, together with a balanced hop/malt profile and a full mouthfeel. It is perfect for sharing with friends and pairing with food. The Rebel is an exceptionally crafted Irish ale that adds colour to any conversation.

Blarney Blonde - 4.2%

The lightly fruity straw coloured ale brewed by Franciscan Well Micro Brewery has been a favorite of Corkonions for many years.